Still going after TEN SUMMERS! [5 Stars]

“I have a 50 foot green flexzilla hose that I purchased TEN YEARS AGO!!! – that’s right 10 yrs ago. I left it outside in the tampa area sun and heat and humidity and abused it every way possible. Through mild frosts and months of blazing sunlight this hose is still doing everything a hose is supposed to. Sure, it’s discolored from laying in the grass during high humidity summers but who cares? I bought at least five other hoses in that time- Goodyear commercial ones that are so stiff and heavy that they are almost unuseable unless they are laid in a fixed location and never moved. This bright green hose is not so bright green any longer but it is as light and flexible as the first day I bought it. They untangle easily, unlike all of those other hoses in these ten years. The Aluminium connectors still work fine, no rust or leakage- can’t say that about all those stamped steel hose ends on those price point hoses I wish I’d never purchased. I bought an air hose reel with this same green hose and I am pleased with it as well. I am the worlds worst typist, I hate writing product reviews but this hose deserves all the accolades in the world.”

-Amazon Reviewer
Flexzilla Garden Hose

Flexzilla Garden Hose Review HFZG550YW – The Best Model

Flexzilla Garden Hose Review – Worth the Money?

HFZG575YW_nonretailThe Flexzilla garden hose is a top of the range, premium hose made by Legacy manufacturing. With a distinctive lime green coloring and made from a lightweight polymer the Flexzilla has many different features that keep it ahead of the competition.

For starters the lightweight polymer it is made of allows it to remain flexible whatever the weather conditions when you’re using it.

Obviously it is extremely lightweight as the term lightweight polymer informs us, but it also means it will not kink under high pressure.

It can withstand up to 150 psi, due to this the Flexzilla won’t kink and will remain at peak flexibility the entire time you use it. It also lies perfectly flat whether it is being used or not, and has no memory so stays still no matter what device you plug it into.

With all of the features their website provides out of the way I can start to tell you my experience of the Flexzilla. It really is like their site says, extremely lightweight. I hardly knew I had it in my hands when I first connected it to my outdoor tap.

I have rather a lot of trees in my garden so I was looking forward to testing out the flexibility that they advertised and it really did deliver in spades.

I had absolutely no problems maneuvering around the mini forest at the foot of my garden and there really were no kinks as I watered my begonias.

The lack of kinks was even more apparent as I turned the tap to full and the pressure increased. The was no movement of the hose at high pressures as I moved around my garden, which I was really surprised about considering just how lightweight it actually is.

The hose that I purchased was the 75 foot version. While it is not cheap, it is certainly good value for money, as I have had this hose far longer than I had my last hose and it is showing no sign of wearing out any time soon. Apart from the steep price, the only real negative I can see with this hose is that it is difficult to coil away.

Even though one of the features they have advertised is that it coils easily, I really did struggle. The lack of memory in the hose itself seems to work against it when trying to coil it as it just won’t stay in position long enough to get it all put away correctly.

My positives are that it is good value for the cost, it is extremely flexible, it really doesn’t kink at any pressure, there are no leaks either at source or on the hose itself and it is extremely light when carrying it around the garden. The only negatives I can see with this hose are that it is quite expensive even though it is good value for money and it is very hard to coil away correctly.

Flexzilla Garden Hose Review -Final Conclusion

I would recommend the Flexzilla to anyone who needs to use a hose for any reason. As the hose range goes from 3 feet all the way up to 100 feet in length it caters for pretty much any size garden and the flexibility and anti kink design allow for easy movement across even the most maze like garden.

It will out last any other hose on the market and do so while performing at a much high quality. It is one of the best garden hoses on the market today.

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A Garden Hose for Arthritis Sufferers

This summer has been, well, A SUMMER if you know what I mean. Living in pain with spinal osteoarthritis has been challenging and relearning how to live my life with lower pain levels has been drama. Happily I have changed my diet, now exercise daily, and am learning to adapt to a different style of gardening. “What’s that got to do with a garden hose?”  Everything, my friends, everything.

You see, kinky hoses have been a factor in my daily life for the last ten years. While “kinky hoses” sounds like a rock band or something incredibly naughty, the truth of the matter is that hoses which kink HURT ME PHYSICALLY.  This limited me in a few ways: 1) I could not water a garden bed without stopping and starting several times to unkink the garden hose in several locations so it took twice as long to water, and 2) Pulling, bending, twisting, and unintentionally hurting myself while gardening is a daily act if you have hoses that kink or knot up and down the length of the garden hose.

A No Kink Hose

This season I was invited to the P. Allen Smith Annual Garden2Blog 2015 event at Allen’s Moss Mountain Farm in Arkansas – a fabulous event where I learned a lot about gardening products (see Allen with me above). While I was there I was introduced to the Flexzilla Hose team (right). I was standing in the back half-heartedly listening because I thought I really knew hoses. They all kinked. They all hurt me. End of story. Then the team started Flexzilla Eventusing words like, “lightweight”, “no kink under pressure”, “leak-free connections”, “attractive colors”, and “drinking water safe”. This got me thinking that I could use their hoses for organic gardening because traditional hoses have chemicals associated with their use. It would also reduce my watering time because I would not have to stop and de-kink the kinks.

I called the team when I returned home and asked if I could review several of their P. Allen Smith WaterColors Collection Garden Hoses by Flexzilla® in “Crazy for Coco”. Initially my thought was to bury the hoses so that I could have chemical free water transported all over my garden underground for my organic bed. Crazy for Coco is a nice color because it’s a light brownish tone that hides itself when it’s in the garden – a definite positive – and burying the hoses seemed unnecessary.

Then on July 16, 2015 I was diagnosed with a rather severe case of degenerative osteoarthritis of the spine. It held up everything in my life this summer and I stared at the hoses for a while, afraid to try them, because I knew they would hurt me. Then one day I lost my mind in anger over the old kinky hoses, pulled out the new one’s to test and I have been positively addicted to the Flexzilla hose ever since.

Truth is in the Testing

When Flexzilla says the hoses don’t kink, they mean that the hoses don’t kink. Part of that is because of their unique “swivelgrip” feature. I TRIED to kink them and bend them in odd shapes and the garden hose would consistently pop out of the kink attempt and go straight again. Because they are drinking water safe, they are also safe to water organic garden beds.Flexzilla Garden Hoses Connected Connecting 3 hoses together meant I could go FAR away from the water spigot with no loss of water pressure and water quickly and efficiently with no hose kinking. To test the theory, I connected 300 feet

of hose and watered my farthest reaching garden area and the hoses worked like a champ. Then I laid the hoses out and ran over the connecting units and hoses with my car. I purposely tied the hoses in knots to see if it would cut the water off and the water still powered through. I tried to cut the hoses with the tip of my shovel. No damage whatsoever. Best yet, the hoses did not hurt me – they are light weight and easy to lift, do not kink, attach to my favorite watering wands with no trouble (see below), and are great for my garden needs.

Want a no-kink garden hose that helps prevent arthritis pain and physically makes it easier and less time consuming to water your garden? I highly recommend the P. Allen Smith WaterColors Collection Garden Hoses by Flexzilla® – this is definitely one of the most favorite products I have reviewed in my test garden because of it’s great ability to help me while looking attractive in the garden. Want to impress the gardener in your life? Buy it as a gift for the upcoming holiday season or just get it for no reason at all instead of chocolates to say “I love you!”.


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Tom’s Full Review – April 30, 2015

I work on a sheep farm and use water hoses every day. I went through a lot of kinked up hoses before buying a Flexzilla water hose. Now I have no kinking problems. It saves me a lot of time and frustration and I thank you very much for that.

At first I was reluctant to purchase a Flexzilla hose because it is more costly than a traditional rigid wall hose. But when I examined it closely in the store, I was amazed at the way it felt and responded to the pressure of my fingers. I have purchased numerous hoses that failed to work properly within a few weeks of being reeled and unwound on a repeated basis. Nonetheless, I thought Flexzilla might be the one hose that would end any further hose purchases. And it was.

tomchesters03Most people use hose reels, or reel boxes, to store their water hose. This is done for a number of reasons, but mainly for convenience of location, for a low volume storage space, and to keep the hose in a place with a proper temperature range. We keep our hose reel in our office away from the unheated pole barn area so that it will not be affected by the frigid Illinois winters. When water is needed for the ewes (female sheep), we unwind the hose and feed it through the rear office door and then around the fences into the barn, and bring the nozzle to our hundred gallon water tanks for filling. In our old barn, where our big ram, Lambo, and his male companions are kept, we use 5 gallon buckets that have to be filled and hauled over to them.

Rigid water hoses usually kink when they are stored tightly curled on a reel. As the reel is unwound the smaller curls tend to tightly twist or bend, i.e. “kink,” as the hose is pulled forward from the reel. When the water is turned on and water pressure forces the hose to begin to expand and fill, it is time-consuming and frustrating to backtrack along the hose length to unwind and unbend the hose at each kinked portion. Wherever a kink has occurred, the hose walls have been weakened, making a repeat kink in that area more likely. After several incidents of such repeated kinking, the kinks tend to form within the wound reel. This then leads to the problem of having to unwind the hose until the kinks are reached and undone. Charging (filling) the hose for short hose distance from the reel then becomes impossible without undoing most of the hose. So the water you needed two feet from the reel to fill a bucket now requires you to unwind a great length of hose to free the kinks in order for the hose to charge.

The wonder of Flexzilla is that it does not have rigid walls. Any kinks that might develop during the unwinding process disappear with a flip of the hose—without damage to the flexible walls. Moreover, Flexzilla hose is lightweight and easy for anyone to carry. And additionally, since Flexzilla rapidly restores itself to its normal uncharged diameter, the “drain time,” the time it takes to drain the hose after the water pressure has been turned off and the nozzle opened, is dramatically reduced. Rewinding a long length of Flexzilla onto a reel while uncharged is a rapid and easy process both because of its light weight and its natural tendency to undo any forming kinks as the hose enters the reel.

I’ve also found that I no longer need to turn the hose nozzle off when moving from one watering location to another. The Flexzilla hose can be purposely kinked at any point to stop the water flow with no fear of hose wall damage when the forced kink is released.

The plastic hose covers at the respective ends of the Flexzilla hose are firm enough to prevent end kinks, and yet pliable enough to be comfortable to hold. The hose connectors work well and the superior O-ring gaskets rather than the flat washer type of gaskets make the hose leak free.

tomchesters01And again, I thank you for that!

Tom Chesters
Gresher-Fisher Show Stock, Inc.
Hanover Park, Il