Blow Guns and Accessories

Introducing Flexzilla™ Blow Guns and accessories. Flexzilla™ features an ergonomically superior gun body for maximum comfort and control which reduces operator fatigue. A variable flow trigger regulates air volume precisely with maximum flow, equal to or greater than the competition. The exclusive modular accessories system allows the Flexzilla™ blow guns to be customized for extension length and tips needed for any job. Flexzilla™ safety nozzles and bendable extension are labeled to meet or exceed OSHA standards.
Flexzilla Blow Guns_Modular System


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Available in a variety of styles to meet all your needs.

Blow Guns

Part No. Description CFM dBA Variable Flow Trigger
AG1102FZ Flexzilla™ X3™ Blow Gun with Quiet-Flo Safety Nozzle 36 87
AG1202FZ Flexzilla™ X3™ Blow Gun with Xtreme-Flo Safety Nozzle 50 99
AG1402FZ Flexzilla™ X1™ Blow Gun with Quiet-Flo Safety Nozzle 36 87
AG1502FZ Flexzilla™ X1™ Blow Gun with Xtreme-Flo Safety Nozzle 43 99

Blow Gun Kits

Part No. Kit Includes Variable Flow Trigger
AG1200FZKIT Flexzilla™ X3™ Blow Gun, 6 in. Extension, Chip Guard, Xtreme-Flo, Quiet-Flo, and Tri-Thrust Safety Nozzles
AG1500FZKIT Flexzilla™ X1™ Blow Gun, 6 in. Extensions (x2), Needle Tips (1 in., 2 in., & 3 in.), Xtreme-Flo Safety Nozzle, Quiet-Flo Safety Nozzle, Rubber Tip, Tip Adapter

Blow Gun Accessories

Part No. Desciption
AG934FZ Flexzilla™ Rubber Tip
AG1006FZ Flexzilla™ Extension, 6 in.
AG1012FZ Flexzilla™ Extension, 12 in.
AG1016FZ-N Flexzilla™ Bendable Blow Gun Extension, 16 in.
AG1090FZ Flexzilla™ Xtreme-Flo Safety Nozzle
AG1091FZ Flexzilla™ Quiet-Flo Safety Nozzle
AG1092FZ Flexzilla™ Chip Guard
AG1093FZ Flexzilla™ Tri-Thrust Safety Nozzle
AG1099FZ Flexzilla™ 5-Piece Tip Adapter Kit


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