Still going after TEN SUMMERS! [5 Stars]

“I have a 50 foot green flexzilla hose that I purchased TEN YEARS AGO!!! – that’s right 10 yrs ago. I left it outside in the tampa area sun and heat and humidity and abused it every way possible. Through mild frosts and months of blazing sunlight this hose is still doing everything a hose is supposed to. Sure, it’s discolored from laying in the grass during high humidity summers but who cares? I bought at least five other hoses in that time- Goodyear commercial ones that are so stiff and heavy that they are almost unuseable unless they are laid in a fixed location and never moved. This bright green hose is not so bright green any longer but it is as light and flexible as the first day I bought it. They untangle easily, unlike all of those other hoses in these ten years. The Aluminium connectors still work fine, no rust or leakage- can’t say that about all those stamped steel hose ends on those price point hoses I wish I’d never purchased. I bought an air hose reel with this same green hose and I am pleased with it as well. I am the worlds worst typist, I hate writing product reviews but this hose deserves all the accolades in the world.”

-Amazon Reviewer
Flexzilla Garden Hose

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